Snowy Mountain Stables

Horseback Rides

Horseback Rates

All prices are per person.

30min- $25

1hr- $35

1 1/2hr- $55

2hr- $70

3hr- $105 20% gratuity will automatically be applied.

4 hrs $155 20% gratuity will automatically be applied.

6hrs $255 20% gratuity will automatically be applied.

Luncheon Ride:

$125 Sandwiches w/chips

$145 Dutch Oven/Apache Burgers with assorted sides. 10+ ppl required.

Overnight & Day Rides

We offer many back country horseback camping trips. We furnish horses, tack, beverages and fresh Apache & Cowboy style family meals. We provide almost all your camping gear. EXCEPT your sleeping bag. Once you book a trip we will provide a detailed gear list.

$185.00 per person/per day for 6 + riders.
$225.00 per person/per day for 4-5 riders
$265.00per person/per day for 3 or less riders

Sleigh Rides

All prices are per person.

Short Ride (20-25min) $30

Long Ride (40-45min) $45

Get in Touch

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Reservation Required Walk-in’s accepted as available.

Payment is required when making a reservation. In order to receive a refund you must call 24+ hrs in advance from the time your reservation is scheduled. Tipping your Wrangler is appreciated but not required except for the 3,4 and 6hr rides. Wranglers wages are similar to that of a waitress/waiter and make the bulk of their pay from tips. If you enjoyed your ride PLEASE tip your guide!

Summer-Fall Hours Monday-Sunday 8AM-5PM

Winter-Spring Hours Monday-Sunday 10AM-4PM depending on the weather conditions.

Call to make your reservation.

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